To read, or not to read


I have always been a voracious reader. I read anything and everything. And when I got pregnant for the first time, I devoured pregnancy books like nobody’s business. However, this time around – not so much.

Well, I still do read, and up until now I have finished 2 books and am on my 3rd one. I still browse around at ‘Pregnancy’ aisle in bookstores – but I have become selective on the materials that I read. I have learnt to read only materials that will help me in strengthening my mothering intuition.

This is what I have learned from my experience:

1. Not all pregnancy books are the same. It’s best to browse and have a read for a few pages to see whether it suits you. If the book make you feel scared, or confused, please drop it like it’s hot!

2. Read from various sources. And this I found to be quite challenging simply because most of the pregnancy books are written from Western medicine/ideology/lifestyle point of view. While there’s nothing wrong from reading these books, it’s inaccurate to think that this point of view is the only ‘right’ point of view. You don’t have to treat your pregnancy like American women did – for one thing, you are not even living in America! (if you did, then this obviously does not applies to you). You also don’t have to bring up your baby like the Americans did, no matter how ‘expert’ they are at the subject. Be discerning when choosing what you would like to adopt for yourself. And it helps when you open your mind to various sources.

3. Talking to other mothers. They are a treasure chest of information and wisdom that you can never get from the best books written by the best expert on the subject.

4. Take a break from reading and Googling and finding information. Sit down quietly and let your mind process the information. While knitting (or any other projects to your liking)

5. Open your mind. And re-open your mind. I have always been the more ‘earthy-mother’ type and I naturally gravitates towards all things ‘natural’. But I have learnt that while it’s good to know ourself and to have a preference for the things we like – we also must keep an open mind towards the things that we don’t necessarily like. Life is all about balance, and too much of a good things not necessarily will be a ‘good thing’. We must not cling too tightly on our own ideas of ‘how things should be’ because this could easily blind-side us. For me, I have to keep reminding myself to remain humble in seeking knowledge, and pray that God will guide me towards the beneficial knowledge and safeguard me from knowledge that could be harmful. In the end of the day, all knowledge, as all things come from God.


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