Baby’s little kickings


I started experiencing baby’s kicks during the early 4th month. It was subtle and felt like butterflies wings and then it started becoming stronger. At one point, the sensation was so strong it caught me by surprise!

Now that I am in my 5th month, I am less ‘surprised’. Maybe because I am used to feeling the baby kicks and moves or maybe because my tummy started expanding more so that the baby have more room to do it’s little gymnastics!

But everytime I felt that gentle kicks and tumble happening inside my stomach, I am bathed by a feeling of gratefulness and love for this little miracle. How amazing is God’s creation, subhanallah alhamdulillah.

Allah perfectly design the baby to fit snugly in the mother’s tummy, making it every moves touched and resonated from within to the mother, bringing along with it the feeling of love and tenderness towards the baby. This is how Allah prepares us to receive our children, slowly, gradually, with ‘hikmah’.

All praise is for Allah, the Perfect Planner, Perfect Designer and Ultimate Creator of all things in the heaven and the earth.


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