Stretch marks


I found out the first stretch marks on my belly a few days ago and admittedly, at that instant, I felt a bit freaked out and disappointed. I have been quite diligent with moisturising and oiling the belly that I thought I could escape the dreaded stretch marks. Also, one of the most common advice I was given when I first got pregnant was to ‘start moisturising’ the belly early to avoid stretch marks!

However, a short while after that a new thought occurred to me. That I am really thankful for my stretch marks because it means there’s a growing baby in my belly. Alhamdulillah. Some women would do anything to get a stretch marks if it means that they are able to get pregnant. And I understand this all too well because I was once – one of those women.

I started looking at the stretch marks differently. While I still moisturise and took care of the skins of my belly, I changed my intention that I do this to maintain and nurture the coverings of my body. And not to ‘avoid’ stretch marks. I also like to think that while I am oiling and putting moisturisers on my belly, I am already massaging and nurturing the little one from the outside. It’s a great little bonding ritual every morning and evening πŸ™‚

I also started thinking of the stretch marks as a metaphor of the life of mothers. As how the body is expanding and ‘stretching’ to accommodate the growing baby during pregnancy – so does a woman’s emotional, psychological and spiritual state expanding and ‘stretching’ to accommodate a child into our life.

Perhaps a stretch marks is there as a reminder for mothers:

When we are on the verge of screaming our lungs at the naughty little fingers – ‘stretch’ our patience a little bit more.

When we felt disappointment when our days didn’t go as planned because the kids decided to throw tantrum – ‘stretch’ our emotional muscle a bit more and decide to embrace flexibility.

When we are sad, angry, overwhelmed, freaked-out, and all sorts of negative emotions that do visit mothers from time to time, perhaps we could take a moment, look and touch the ‘stretch marks’ on our belly – and know that we all can ‘stretch’ ourselves a little bit more because that is what we mothers are designed to do. πŸ™‚


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