15 weeks


15 weeks

My son Zayd,

By this time you are getting chubbier by the day! You are drinking mommy’s milk like a trooper. You are a very expressive baby. You love to ‘talk’ with your whole face – eyebrow raised, mouth wide and smiley, sometimes even a scrunched up nose. You are also such a happy baby, always grinning and smiling when you see mommy and daddy. But if you are alone and idle, you always furrowed your eyebrow like you are in a deep thought. Are you already a deep thinker like mommy and daddy? 🙂 You like to observe your surrounding as if you are learning and taking everything in.

Alhamdulillah, up to now you’ve been protected by Allah from all sorts of sickness. Even when mommy is down with flu and fever – you are always your healthy little self. Mommy is so thankful to Allah for always protecting you 🙂

I love you my little baby. My mommy’s bestfriend 🙂


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