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A baby who feels right..


“A baby who feels right, acts right” – Dr. William and Martha Sears


17 weeks



Dear Zayd Hamzah,

You are 17 weeks young today! You have better control of your hands now. They no longer flail around whacking mommy and daddy on the face. You are also able to grasp toys and you always pull at your shirt now.

But the most exciting development is that you are able to turn on your tummy today! And it was all captured by this one excited mommy. Wait for the whole entry 😉

First handmade toy – The Green-eyed Owl


So mommy made your first toy. This is mommy’s first attempt at crocheting something for you after my first knitting project.

This is how it turns out.




It looks nothing like the instruction. (If I didn’t mention ‘owl’ here I’m sure nobody can guess that it is an owl! ). It’s a bit crazy looking (ok a loooot crazy looking). Mommy only had these bright yarns available – so now you have a an owl with green eyes, blue wings, orange head and ears and a colourful striped body.

Zayd and owl


I hope you like it little baby. Although its not much to look at but I made it with lots of mommy love you know – so you better like it! :p