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Close to my heart



Close to my heart, my ring sling baby.


Funny little man


Zayd is in this really funny phase where he wants to do everything on his tummy. Perhaps because he has got the rolling on his tummy spot on. So now he spends most of the day lying on his tummy like a crocodile. But the funniest is when he STILL wants to be on his tummy for his nighttime feeding.

So this what happens:

Zayd: *grunt, grunt, eh, eh in his sleep
Mummy: ok come my boy *pulls him closer to body
Zayd: *flips on his tummy while searching for nipple with his mouth
Mummy: *ok..
Zayd: * finish the first side and goes for the second – still on his tummy!
Mummy: Zayd, why are you drinking like a goat!
Zayd: *couldn’t care less, chugchugchug

A few hours after that:

Zayd: *grunt,grunt, eh,eh in his sleep
Mummy: ok this time drink like normal ok *cradle him in lap
Zayd: *flips himself so he is lying vertically on me
Mummy: right..
Zayd: *chugchugchug
Mummy: Zayd, now you look like a gecko stuck on me like this

My son, funny little man. 😀




From my baby Zayd, I learnt a lot about forgiveness. Babies are such forgiving beings. During his early days, when I was struggling with breastfeeding as a first time mom with all the breastfeeding problems in the book, I don’t think I was a very good mom. My patience were always running thin, effect from the combination of constant nipple pain and lack of sleep. There were times when I scolded him, yes, scolded few days old babies *hung head in shame. And there were times I just pushed him too hard to get a good latch. While he cried during the moment, he will always bounce back to his cheery loving self the next moment he saw me. My little baby boy is so forgiving it made me cried many times out of shame and guilt. But it also made me want to be a much better mom to my sweet boy.

I had issues with forgiveness. I tend to store negative memories for far too long in my memory box. Zayd taught me to forgive and forget everyday. To exist solely and firmly in the moment, where there is no past and no future. In the present, there’s only love.

5 months



My dear baby,

You are 5 months today! You are getting more stable at sitting, with Mummy’s assistance still 🙂 You are an expert in tummy-rolling now, flipping back and forth everywhere. Your hand coordination is improving everyday and you are able to pick up things with one hand now. You love it when Mummy carries you in wrap, watching curiously at every little thing that Mummy did around the house. You also love our evening walk in the park, wrapped snugly at Mummy’s chest.

Mummy and Daddy are so grateful to Allah for bringing you into our life. You have made our life so much brighter every day with your smiles and little antics. We love you very much Zayd Hamzah! Mmmuaahhh!!


“I am 5 months today! Yeayy!”

The Man of 2 Gardens


Sometimes when Zayd naps a bit longer I managed to watch a few very good videos in Youtube. The prolem is I always forgot what the videos are. So I thought maybe it will be a good idea to share it here, so whenever I want to watch it again I can just come to my blog! *lightbulb moment!

This is an excellent video by Nouman Ali Khan. It’s a bit long but worth watching. I meant to write an entry of important key points that I learnt from it here – but maybe during Zayd’s next nap! 😉