20 weeks




My dear baby,

You are 20 weeks today! You have grown out of your newborn phase and getting so much sturdier and stronger everyday. You can now roll onto your tummy effortlessly, although sometimes rolling back is still a bit of a challenge. Your hand control are so much better now. You can grasp toys, mummy’s hair, mummy’s nose and at night feeding – mummy’s boobies very easily. You can now also chuckle and giggle whenever you are tickled, or simply whenever you thought what mummy and daddy did was funny. You also started to have a curious look in your eyes, especially when you saw something new or that of interest to you.

You also has started learning how to read a week ago. At first you seem to be unsure of what’s going on but now you are so excited every time during our reading session that you made me more motivated to keep going. You are now learning the basic words that we used regularly like ‘mummy’, ‘daddy’, ‘Allah’, sleep’ etc. I know as a baby, your thirst for knowledge and your love of learning are limitless as your brain is growing very rapidly everyday. Mummy just hope that mummy will be able to keep up! May Allah bless our learning-to-read journey and made it easy for us ameen.


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