Funny little man


Zayd is in this really funny phase where he wants to do everything on his tummy. Perhaps because he has got the rolling on his tummy spot on. So now he spends most of the day lying on his tummy like a crocodile. But the funniest is when he STILL wants to be on his tummy for his nighttime feeding.

So this what happens:

Zayd: *grunt, grunt, eh, eh in his sleep
Mummy: ok come my boy *pulls him closer to body
Zayd: *flips on his tummy while searching for nipple with his mouth
Mummy: *ok..
Zayd: * finish the first side and goes for the second – still on his tummy!
Mummy: Zayd, why are you drinking like a goat!
Zayd: *couldn’t care less, chugchugchug

A few hours after that:

Zayd: *grunt,grunt, eh,eh in his sleep
Mummy: ok this time drink like normal ok *cradle him in lap
Zayd: *flips himself so he is lying vertically on me
Mummy: right..
Zayd: *chugchugchug
Mummy: Zayd, now you look like a gecko stuck on me like this

My son, funny little man. 😀



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