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6 months



My dear Zayd,

You are 6 months now! All praise and glory to Allah for protecting you, and for guiding mummy and daddy to take care of you.

You are now sitting on your own. You are a curious little person. You love books, although you seems to love mummy’s books more than yours. Hmmm..why is that? You love cars, especially your yellow toy car. Also, mummy think you have a preference for the colour yellow. You also started eating semi-solids now. Simple food on your menu being rice, apple and carrots mixed with breastmilk. Mummy can’t wait for the time when mummy can be a bit fancy with your meal 🙂

Looking back at the collage of your pictures from newborn, mummy felt so grateful and blessed to be your mother. You are such a wonderful baby, always very cheery and smiling. You have taught mummy so much, in good times or in a more challenging time, you made me want to be better servant of Allah everyday. Thank you my little boy. Mummy and daddy love you very much!





These are not the most up-to-date pictures of Zayd, as mummy have been slacking off for a few days now. 😦

Anyway, his facial features changed very rapidly. There are times he looks more like his daddy, but there are times he looks more like me!

My baby is a natural smiler. Or perhaps, grinner. But he can look very serious too with frowning eyebrows that his daddy said he inherited completely, unobjectionably – from his mummy.