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Parenting Boys: What boys need from moms


Very good article to refer to!


7 months



7 months and the only ‘non-gegar’ picture I can take of him is when he was lying upside down looking up at me. He is getting so active now, always moving, always exploring. He is also getting very good at playing ticklish with mummy! I will tickle him on his ticklish spot (behind armpit) and he will laugh, and after that he will suck my hand/tummy/face and made me laugh!

Uhibbukafillah my baby boy 🙂



Months after months, my baby’s physical awareness started growing steadily. In his early months, he is only aware of me and a few centimetres around him. When he started rolling on his tummy, his spatial awareness grew larger to include the area on his playmat. Now when he started to move around commando-stle, he started to leave his playmat area and exploring further.

It made me realise that human being are meant to grow. To keep expanding, to keep growing, and to keep improving ourselves day by day. But after we reached physical maturity in adulthood, how else do we grow?

We grow in our spirituality. But this growth, unlike our physical growth, needs to be done more consciously. By consciously studying the ‘deen’ (the Islamic way of life), earnestly reading the Quran and learning its tafseer, by diligently following the Sunnah – these are the things that would help us grow spiritually.

I am grateful for this reminder whenever I observed the growth of my baby, alhamdulillah.

30 weeks



My darling baby, you are 30 weeks today! You are now sitting comfortably on your own. And are so active! You love playing ‘obstacles’ with daddy. And both of you could play for so long until you are drenched in sweats and will be so hungry for milk. You are getting better at eating your semi-solids too. You love playing with mummy’s thread scraps and the plastic wrapper of your books. The joy you found in simple things! You also started sleeping on your own sometimes. You used to need me to rock you to sleep and now sometimes after feeding you just flipped to your side and went to sleep on your own! You are growing up so fast my boy..sometimes mummy wish you have a pause button!

I love you very much my baby boy!

Wrapping my baby



I started wrapping my baby when he was about 3 months, and he is 6 months now and I have grown to love wrap in a way that I never imagined.

I love everything about wrap.

I love how at first, mummy and baby were not sure what to do, where to go, and its all fumbly and clumsy. Baby was a bit agitated, mummy was a bit flustered. But after a few more try, we both found our rhythm.

My baby’s agitation was replaced by a sense of trust. He knew that after each wrapping session, mummy got better and better. And because of that, he too get calmer and calmer. He would now waited patiently as I wrapped his little body close to mine.

Mummy was no longer flustering too. After each try, I became better at it. My wrapping techniques became better, things are less bunchy, less wonky. But what was really improving was my connection with my baby. Somehow, through wrapping that fabrics around and around our body – our bond became stronger, as strong as the knots at the end of the wrap.

It was truly magical.

I love our evening walk in the park where he would be snuggled in the wrap, watching and observing nature from within his safe cocoon.

I love that after a while, during our evening walk or shopping, he will calmly fell asleep, nestled sweetly between the fabric of the wrap. And when he woke up, and he realised that he was still close to me, he will resume his observation calmly.

I am grateful for the knowledge of wrapping and for the opportunity to wrap my baby. I hope to be ale to do this for as long as he wants to be wrapped 🙂


No assumption!


Do not make any assumption on your child. I did this today! 😦 this post is to remind me of that.

I assumed just because I started feeding him solids, he’s full longer and did not breastfeed him as often. He screamed the house down and I did not get it that he was actually hungry 😦

I also assumed again that because he took such a long nap today that he won’t be sleepy so soon at night. Wrong again! 😦

What I learnt is that adults tend to assume the behaviour of a child based on our rhythm, our life – and this is very wrong. It made us stop listening to the child. To improve on this I must be more present, listen to my child better nd be more empathetic. May Allah help me in making this improvement ameen.

From MICF conference 2013


1. Don’t label your child because if you do, you will only treat her/him based on that label. Appreciate and celebrate the differences in your child.

2. Whenever you are unsure of your parenting (was-was), read Surah Al-Nas to protect us from the evil from within. Al-Falaq is to protect evil from outside.

3. Strengthen relationship with Allah to help with our parenting.

4. Children that change character inside and outside home are learning to adapt to different environment ie how to behave in public vs private. This is good!