Wrapping my baby



I started wrapping my baby when he was about 3 months, and he is 6 months now and I have grown to love wrap in a way that I never imagined.

I love everything about wrap.

I love how at first, mummy and baby were not sure what to do, where to go, and its all fumbly and clumsy. Baby was a bit agitated, mummy was a bit flustered. But after a few more try, we both found our rhythm.

My baby’s agitation was replaced by a sense of trust. He knew that after each wrapping session, mummy got better and better. And because of that, he too get calmer and calmer. He would now waited patiently as I wrapped his little body close to mine.

Mummy was no longer flustering too. After each try, I became better at it. My wrapping techniques became better, things are less bunchy, less wonky. But what was really improving was my connection with my baby. Somehow, through wrapping that fabrics around and around our body – our bond became stronger, as strong as the knots at the end of the wrap.

It was truly magical.

I love our evening walk in the park where he would be snuggled in the wrap, watching and observing nature from within his safe cocoon.

I love that after a while, during our evening walk or shopping, he will calmly fell asleep, nestled sweetly between the fabric of the wrap. And when he woke up, and he realised that he was still close to me, he will resume his observation calmly.

I am grateful for the knowledge of wrapping and for the opportunity to wrap my baby. I hope to be ale to do this for as long as he wants to be wrapped 🙂



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