Months after months, my baby’s physical awareness started growing steadily. In his early months, he is only aware of me and a few centimetres around him. When he started rolling on his tummy, his spatial awareness grew larger to include the area on his playmat. Now when he started to move around commando-stle, he started to leave his playmat area and exploring further.

It made me realise that human being are meant to grow. To keep expanding, to keep growing, and to keep improving ourselves day by day. But after we reached physical maturity in adulthood, how else do we grow?

We grow in our spirituality. But this growth, unlike our physical growth, needs to be done more consciously. By consciously studying the ‘deen’ (the Islamic way of life), earnestly reading the Quran and learning its tafseer, by diligently following the Sunnah – these are the things that would help us grow spiritually.

I am grateful for this reminder whenever I observed the growth of my baby, alhamdulillah.


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