9 months



He is crawling comfortably now and ha started pulling himself up too. He can also manage a few seconds of free-standing before he grabbed on to me or drop himself to the ground. He’s getting sooo active now, tearing all over the house like a tornado! I can’t imagine what is going to be like when he started walking! His favourite toys now are his toy balls of different size, colours, and texture. He can spend a long time throwing it, chasing it, trying to get it from under the couch. Ah the simple pleasures of a nine month youngs 🙂

Oh also, he is getting more playful and also more vocal. He loves to copy the sound we made when we sneeze. Poor mamatok always became his target! :p And he also seems to be imitating sounds or songs that he heard. Just this morning (at 42 weeks) at breakfast I was feeding him while singing the qasidah and I swear he followed the melody almost note by note! I was so surprised and asked him to repeat only to be met with puzzled looking eyes. Well, maybe it comes and goes but let’s see if it is really his thing! Mummy so excited!, :)))


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