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1 year young!



We might not be very good at family selfie, but we all love each other very much!

Happy 1st Birthday my dear boy Zayd Hamzah. Alhamdulillah, all praise and blessings to Allah for everything. Your presence made mummy and daddy very happy everyday for the past 1 year. 🙂

We love everything about you – from your legendary chubby cheeks that is still chubby, your little giggle when we tickled you, your wet smooches and open-mouthed kisses, your half-hearted protest when we said ‘no’, your curiosity, your determination.

Thanks for loving us both unconditionally. We will learn how to love unconditionally from you too 🙂


11 months



My baby is 11 months! How time flies! He is getting so much cheekier now. He loves to imitate the sound of people’s sneezing. And he will laugh his ‘aha-aha-aha’ laugh which sounds uncannily similar like my own laughter. He also started to become more clingy to his daddy. He also has started to be able to copy our gestures and remembers that certain gestures are associated with certain words. For the past few weeks though he started developing some rashes on his neck that might be eczema or heat rash. It gets better when mummy put some mogoo cream and vco but it tends to flare up again when he’s sweaty. And being a baby boy, he sweats all the time!

And in about a week he’s going to be 1! Masha Allah tabarakallah my baby boy growing up so quickly. Mummy is now thinking of what to do for his birthday..