Remembering Mak Long


Dear Zayd,

This week is a very sad week for all of us. On the day you turn 13 months, your beloved Mak Long left us to meet her Creator. It was a very shocking passing as she was not sick, and very young at only 34. But as Allah’s promise, when our time comes, not a second will be delayed.

I know you won’t be able to remember much of your Mak Long, so this is for us to cherish her memory and to let you know, that you had a very wonderful Mak Long.

Your Mak Long was my first ‘big sister’, as I am the first in my family. From the very beginning I met and get to know her we clicked instantly. It was not hard to like your Mak Long, she was always radiant with her serene smile that comes straight from her heart. Her wide beautiful eyes always shining with love and understanding. She is the type of person that put people at ease every time you are with her.

A few weeks ago, Mak Long shared with us all that she just has passed her exam. We were all very happy for her and congratulated her. I said to her – she is my inspiration. And now that she is no longer with us, I realised that she was not just an inspiration in terms of her achievement, but her life is truly an inspiration to me.

Your Mak Long lived a full happy life, surrounded with friends and families. She was such an open and giving person. Sharing her life, sharing her story, sharing her happiness and sadness, her fear, her hopes to all without worries and inhibition. She loved truly and totally.

Before you came into our life, mummy had a challenging time dealing with people’s perception of me. But your Mak Long made it all very easy for me. She was very comforting, and understanding. She was there for me in the truest sense. Quietly offering her support without even once making me felt like she was intruding. She was very good at connecting with people, even when at their hardest, most difficult time.

When you were born, she was very excited and happy to meet you. We shared wonderful bond of having quite the ‘unconventional’ birth story. Those giant flash cards you loved so much, those were the present from Mak Long on your 1st birthday. May all the wonderful knowledge you learned from those gift will flow to her as rewards in her eternal life ameen.

Mak Long taught mummy, through her life – to live wholly, and to love completely.
To treat every person with respect and understanding.
To do our best in every way we can.
To always be there for each other.
To show up.
To connect often.
To say hi how are you when sometimes has passed that we do not see each other.
To go after our dreams.
To persevere in the face of challenges.
To smile and have a light heart.

To live wholly, and to love completely.

Dear Mak Long, we all miss you very much. May you will be granted ease and peace in your new world. May Allah accept all your wonderful good deeds, and may Allah forgive all your humanly mistakes. May Allah grant you Jannah of the highest level. May Allah reunite you with your family in Jannah. Ameen.


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