14 months



Cheeky liitle boy with a funny hair! (after-nap hair).

He is 14 months already and has started to take a few steps. Not full on walking yet, this baby is really taking his own sweet time 🙂

He loves ‘reading’ now going over his picture dictionary a thousand times everyday while babbling. He loves car sooo much going ‘car-car’ on the road, whenever he saw cars on tv adverts, his books, and about anyplace he can spot a car.

He loves our little playground park and his little friends there. We are blessed to be staying in a place that is literally swarming with little kids. So every evening after his nap he will point to the door and said ‘kuar-kuar’ (keluar), which sometimes can be easily confused with ‘car-car’.

He can say ‘ma-ma’, ‘da-da’, ‘Allah’, ‘nenek’, ‘tok’, ‘car-car’, ‘kuar-kuar’, ‘pish'(fish), ‘bear'(teddy bear) and a few other simple words. When he wants to eat something he said ‘nak-nak’ which can also be confused with ‘na-na'(banana). And when he’s done he will said ‘habess’ with his hand gesture and do ‘amin’ indicating a dua after meal. I love it now that he is becoming more interactive 🙂

He is also started showing more of his wills and wants – wanting longer and longer bath and refusing to stop, not wanting to do things when he’s not in the mood, choosing his own books etc. He is really starting to grow into his little self!

In view of the recent tragedy and sad events all around the world this Ramadhan, I am reminded again of how blessed our life truly is and how little do we really give thanks and show our gratefulness for it. May Allah will always protect and safeguard Zayd and all the children of the world ameen.


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