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Aduh , aiya and awwoh



He is ‘eating’ on his own now. Such a wonderful phase. My floor has not seen a clean day ever since.

A few funny words he’s been saying these past few days are; adoi, aiya and awwoh (Allah). Yes, because he follows everything I said!

Him, being the strong rambunctious boy that he is – always whacked me here and there. So I always go ‘aduh’. And of course he will repeat after that aduh aduh aduh non-stop.

He also loves to imitate my ‘aiya’. I have this habit of saying this especially while cleaning up after his mess. And he will go aiya, aiya, aiya at the top of his lungs!

And of course, Allah is another word I frequently said. He will also go ‘awwoh’. Whenever he saw me or his daddy solat he will also go ‘awwoh’ as in ‘Allahuakbar’.

As he becoming more talkative and interactive – he is also becoming so much more interesting! 🙂


15 months and walking!



At 15 months, my baby is finally walking! Full-on nonstop walking everywhere! He sort of decided that he had enough of crawling on all fours when he walked out of the bedroom on the morning of his 65th week (yes, we are still counting in weeks 😛 ).

Mummy and daddy are glad that you had all those times to crawl and strengthen all your muscles and developing your coordination. I am sorry if sometimes I succumbed to peer-pressure and urged you to walk when you are not ready. Despite knowing that you will do things when you are ready, and having full faith in your ability – sometimes Mummy still wavered when confronted by ‘is your baby walking yet?’

Truth is my dear boy, we are living in a time where ‘development’ and ‘progress’ is overvalued. In the era of fast food and high-speed internet and all things speedy, we have becoming more and more impatient. We can’t wait to see progress after progress that we have completely overlooked the essence of the process. But being with you, and learning about how to raise you reminded me that Allah has created everything in its perfect order and its perfect timing. All we need to do just have faith and patience.

We decided not to get you a walker because we think it’s best for you to grow and strengthen yourself naturally and organically. Mummy must credit Dr. Sears for his wisdom in childcare. His books are really helpful and gave mummy many wonderful insights.

Observing you since the day you start rolling on your tummy, crawling to walking – I got the pattern of your development. You will take your time in mastering new movements and will interchange with your old movements until you are comfortable enough to progress. In your learning-to-walk journey, just as in your learning-to-crawl journey, you will initially walk a few steps and crawl more. Maybe because crawling gets you going faster. As you were becoming more confident, you will take more and more steps, and crawl and crawl less. And on and on until you are really strong and ready to walk. And now, you prefer walking to crawling because walking get you going faster and your hands are free to grab things as you are going too!