Aduh , aiya and awwoh



He is ‘eating’ on his own now. Such a wonderful phase. My floor has not seen a clean day ever since.

A few funny words he’s been saying these past few days are; adoi, aiya and awwoh (Allah). Yes, because he follows everything I said!

Him, being the strong rambunctious boy that he is – always whacked me here and there. So I always go ‘aduh’. And of course he will repeat after that aduh aduh aduh non-stop.

He also loves to imitate my ‘aiya’. I have this habit of saying this especially while cleaning up after his mess. And he will go aiya, aiya, aiya at the top of his lungs!

And of course, Allah is another word I frequently said. He will also go ‘awwoh’. Whenever he saw me or his daddy solat he will also go ‘awwoh’ as in ‘Allahuakbar’.

As he becoming more talkative and interactive – he is also becoming so much more interesting! 🙂


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