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17 months and 74 weeks



17 months and 74 weeks on 17/10/2014

I love it when his months is aligned with his weeks 🙂

Will update more of his memories at this age.

Updated on 18/11:

He experienced his first time on the beach at Pantai Batu Buruk, Terengganu and went on splashing at Cherating too. He loves the little waves rippling at his feet, he loves playing with the sand and sitting on the shallow water digging and ignoring us the whole time – so in the zone!


He is getting very cheeky nowadays too. He knew when we asked him to do one thing and he will do the other with a cheeky smile of his face!

He can recognise most of his extended families and call out their name.

He loves playing with the coloured sticks (that he called ‘stek’) and he started enjoying ‘drawing’ with his crayons. His favourite toy is still cars and anything with wheels really.


16 months



My baby is 16 months and my what a month this has been! He has grown so much and has picked up so many new skills I do not know where he learn it from!

He is now able to say much more words and much more clearer too. He can say:

mummy (finally! and so I put it here first ehehe)
kakak (which he refers to his girl cousins and any girl character in the books)
abang (also his boy cousins and any boy character)
mamatuk (sounds more like ‘matuk’ for now)
-he can recognised most his immediate family but still can’t really say their names quite yet except for Ayah Su who is in the US now 😦

– oh he can also distinguish between the age of people he met. For example, when he was at the park and he saw a man walks by, he will call him ‘uncle’. And he will call the boys ‘abang’. And one day, he saw an elderly man who was quite excited to see him and calls him ‘atuk’! I was really surprised to see that he can do this!

panda (his favourite! and he calls it ‘pa-pa’ eheh)

– he can make the sounds of the animals. and he loves it when I do dramatic gestures of the animals movements, walking etc. hence I spend a lot of time crawling around the house like a tiger now. and so does he 🙂

– he also loves to looks at nature in the park. He will pick up dried leaves, dried branches, points and follows ants, pick up flowers and grass (that he called ‘pokok’ ehehe). He seems to be quite at home and comfortable in nature.

fire engine (and this is a funny one – it sound ‘jejejen’)

– he seems to be able to distinguish types of vehicles now! his interest in vehicles seems to really grow to include helicopter, airplane, boats – typical boy interest!

nasi (‘si’ and he loves rice, for the past few weeks he has been eating rice 3 times a day! true blue Malay nih! )

I think he can say and recognised more words, these are just for me to remember the most common ones that he used when he was this age 🙂

He is starting to recognise colours too. We don’t really watch too many videos so he seems to be learning most of this through his books and toys and our conversations. Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah for protecting him always. I am grateful everyday for the opportunity to see him grow and learn, alhamdulillah 🙂