17 months and 74 weeks



17 months and 74 weeks on 17/10/2014

I love it when his months is aligned with his weeks 🙂

Will update more of his memories at this age.

Updated on 18/11:

He experienced his first time on the beach at Pantai Batu Buruk, Terengganu and went on splashing at Cherating too. He loves the little waves rippling at his feet, he loves playing with the sand and sitting on the shallow water digging and ignoring us the whole time – so in the zone!


He is getting very cheeky nowadays too. He knew when we asked him to do one thing and he will do the other with a cheeky smile of his face!

He can recognise most of his extended families and call out their name.

He loves playing with the coloured sticks (that he called ‘stek’) and he started enjoying ‘drawing’ with his crayons. His favourite toy is still cars and anything with wheels really.


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