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19 months


19 months

My cheeky boy is 19 months alhamdulillah! And what a cheeky boy he is now! His personality is really starting to show. He is generally a calm boy. He is slow to anger and tantrums but he has his moments. Normally when he can’t manage to do something that he wants or when he is upset if I am ignoring him for too long. He loves playing hide and seek, playing catch, wrestling with daddy. He still loves cars, and trucks and all things with wheels. He can play independently for longer time now. We went to Bird Park a few weeks ago and he really enjoyed watching birds roaming around and was not at all scared. His mummy on the other hand were really nervous for him especially around those big-beaked birds!

He has started ‘singing’ too now and it is the funniest thing ever! We always put this really indie cd of Art Fazil in the car. We love the cd because of our sentimental value over it (being the songs that we listened often when mummy and daddy were both students in the UK). And now he started singing to the cd! It’s very funny because the song is quite mellow and not at all like a nursery rhymes but he happily goes ‘cinta…cinta..’. My funny funny boy!

His vocabulary has expanded to include adjective of things. Like he used to just say ‘car’, ‘trucks’ Now he is saying ‘big truck’, ‘purple car’, and his favourite catchphrase ‘wow, banyaknyee’ which sounds exactly like his dad! 😛

Oh and he is really becoming a ‘daddy’s boy’ – prefering his daddy whenever he is around! But considering that he is with me like 85% of the day, its understandable. It’s ok baby boy, although you prefer daddy now – remember you came from mummy’s tummy! ahahah.