Clock and speedometer


A quick story I would like to record here about Zayd. 🙂

A few days ago, while we were in the car, he suddenly pointed to the speedometer in the car and said ‘clock’. He is in this phase of pointing and naming things. What struck me as interesting is that he can only name the things according to what he knew. And in his limited 19 months storage of vocabulary and knowledge – the speedomoter is a clock.

The thing is, this nature doesn’t change, even when we are all grown up. We can only see and appreciate what we already know. But in our cynical adult way, when we came across something we don’t really know, rather than trying to get to know it and understanding it better – we pass our judgement on it. When faced with something unknown, we fear it. We mocked it. We pushed it away.

Observing Zayd learning made me reflect on my own attitude towards the many things that I still don’t know. Or the things that I thought I knew.

May Allah open both our hearts and minds to receive beneficial knowledge everyday in every way. May both of us always be eager learners, avid readers, keen observers, and humble do-ers ameen.


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