20 months



He is 20 months and chat chat chattering! Alhamdulillah he is communicating with us more now and it is easier for us to understand what he wants. His favourite topic of conversation is still cars and all manners of transportation. What I noticed is that he is also really into learning the names of things. We have these books like 100 words, 1000 words picture-books type and he seems to be really interested in knowing all the names of the cars (of course!), nature (he always recalled the time he went to the beach when we are at the ‘beach’ page with words like ‘kaki basah’, ‘main sand’ – it’s amazing that he can recalls his memory at this age!), fruits and veges (because he always had loads of these).

Oh and recently he wants to be carried in wraps again! Yeayyy! After a few months of strike (refusing to be worn in wraps, he wants only ring sling and his daddy’s ssc) – he has started demanding to be ‘kokong kat blakang’ 🙂 Happy days for mummy! :)))


too-excited mummy with sleepy-obliging baby 🙂

Another thing I noticed is he starting to develop this ‘me-time’ trait. For example, the other day he is playing with his toy cars and I watched him play like sometimes I do – and he came to me and push my face away! T.T. And when he is taking his bath, he will also always ‘shoo’ me away and only will call me again when he’s done. Not yet 2 and he is already needing more space for himself. This is a reminder to me that the his ‘me-time’ will only get longer and longer as he grow bigger and bigger, and there will be more instances that I can no longer be included in his life (man even when typing this it hurts! T.T) – but this is normal, and this is how it’s supposed to be. So, whenever he became a bit clingy, or wants too much of your attention – remember, it wont last long! So be present! Give him full attention!


me-time with big blocks

Ah my sweet baby boy – why are you growing up too fast!! (must be the cry of all mothers since the beginning of time!)


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