22 months



This is his first selfie ehehe. He said ‘gamba pipi pipi pipi’. That boy cracked me up! 😀

He is growing so much into his own little person now. With his own little person quirks, preferences, pet peeves. It really is remarkable seeing him developing day by day!

He is now basically able to communicate with us verbally. He can tell us if he’s hungry, if he did his poopoo, if he’s in pain. He also started saying ‘nak ikuuut’ whenever his daddy is leaving for work.

He is also really talkative now. He likes to tell stories in which his main characters are car, van, fire engine and all manners of wheelies and all they did was ‘bangun’, ‘shower-shower’, ‘bubble-bubble’ and ‘tido’.

I also realised he is starting to mimic the way I speak to him. So accurately too! He will be like:

‘Nak makan? Hungry? Ade fish, ade peas, ade carrots..sedapp..best!’

And when I scold him:

‘No no. No throwing. No no’ (siap dengan tangan-tangan)

He is really showing an interest in tinkering. He loves building blocks and building things with it. For some reason, he always build a camel and go ‘camel camel camel’ ehehe. And there’s this book that is fast becoming his favourite book – Callum’s construction kits. He would ask me to read it and hen he will go and get his wooden blocks and pretend to build some things with it!

Another thing I notice about him is that he takes a while to warm up to people and new surroundings. He will normally just stand and observe. He doesn’t like it when people that he is not familiar with pick him up or come close to him.

Now that he’s toddlering around, it became quite a challenge for me to go out with just him. When he used to just hold my hand or sit obligingly in my sling, now he wants to run around and explore! He doesn’t like it when I hold his hand and always wants to let go. Not yet 2 and already wants to run away from mummy! *cries

2 more months and you will be 2! Mummy am grateful to Almighty to be able to watch you grow up every day. You are a wonderful boy and it is such a blessing to be your mummy. My dua always that you will be protected from harm – known and unknown, that you will grow up strong and healthy, and blessed with abundance of rizq, that your heart will be filled with love for Allah and the Prophets, that you will be the people of Quran and the Sunnah, that you will be always be guided towards the Straight Path and may we be granted the Highest Jannah ameen.


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