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Zayd Hamzah turns 2



Alhamdulillah on 17/5/2015 my wonderful boy turns 2. We had an early celebration with Big Z’s family on 16th and on 17th we had a little birthday do at my folk’s home in Puchong.

And today I revisit the photos from Zayd’s homebirth and I couldn’t help but be filled with tremendous gratitude and awe towards the Almighty. Who would have thought that I would give birth at home? Ask me 3 years before Zayd’s homebirth and I would thought it would be the craziest thing ever! Truly, it made me reflect that every little aspects of our life has been written. We could fight it – or allow it to flow and submit. Zayd’s homebirth reminded me that every facet of human’s life is in God’s hand.

My dear boy Zayd Hamzah,

I hope when you look back at the day you were born, you will be reminded of how Allah has been with you from the very beginning. Guiding you with His Infinite Wisdom. Protecting you with all His Power and Majesty. Blessing your journey Earthside with His Love and Compassion.

Mummy and Daddy are truly blessed to have you in our life. It has been a wonderful 2 years and we pray that we will be blessed with many more years to be with you. We apologise if there’s anything that we do towards you that contradicted the teaching of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) – for truly everything that is good comes from Allah, and everything that is bad comes from our own weaknesses that we tried to improve every day.

My dear son,

My dua for you is that you will always be guided and protected by Allah every second every day in every way. May your love for Allah and His Messengers will grow stronger with your age. May you will find little bliss in everyday life. May your life will be fulfilled with good people that loves you, good food that nourishes you, good work that that fits your God-given gift and talent. May you be blessed with abundance of sustenance from the Halal that Allah provides. May you be the Khalifah of Allah, the Leader of the Ummah, and the Speaker and Doer of Allah’s truth.

My dear, dear son,

Uhibbukafillah 🙂


23 months


This month has been super busy! And as for today, it’s going to be 2 days before Zayd turns 2.

He is now a very talkative and active toddler. He loves talking to us and has started asking questions too going ‘ape tu??’ when he saw something he’s not familiar with. He also loves it when me and his dad tells him stories. We have been having to make up looots of stories starring cars, trucks, vans, breakdown trucks (insert all manner of vehicles) and animals. He will ask us “nak iter car enaaaan chicken!” (nak cerita car dengan chicken).

And that brings us to the fact that now I realised he is speaking in mix language of both English and Malay. I hope by reading more all Malay books and all English books he will realise the proper usage of language!

And a few weeks ago we went to Cherating for our first proper family getaway. We stop by at Cherating last year during our trip to Terengganu, so this is Zayd’s second time in Cherating. Cherating is a special place for us because that’s also where me and his dad went for our sort-of honeymoon! He really enjoyed himslef swimming on the pool and playing by the beach. He really loves playing with the sand and he can spend hours just digging away!

He’s been coughing for a while now and yesterday we went to see his doctor and he was diagnosed with bronchitis 😦 This is the first time that he’s been coughing quite badly and it made me a bit worried (okaaay a looot worried) but alhamdulillah I think he is on the mend now. He just needs to rest and cough out the mucus. And I really hope he gets better by the time for his 2nd birthday celebration!


Floating in the pool!


Writing his name on the sand?


Big Z and Little Z building sandcastles 🙂