Hari Raya 2015



Zayd with mummy on Raya morning

We went maximum sedondon this year! 😀


Grinning Zayd with daddy

Our Raya this year was really hectic! Now that Zayd is 2 we want him to start getting to know all his relatives and boy did he have many many relatives in KL. Since his dad is pure born and bred ‘kampung’ KL boy, Zayd is blessed with having so many families nearby. Also, since this Raya most of mummy’s siblings spent their raya at the in-laws it was the perfect time for Zayd to has his first ‘raya sakan’. And boy what a ‘raya sakan’ he had!

He really enjoyed himself eating all sorts of raya food. He would go from balang to balang sampling all sorts of raya cookies. He had all the raya food from lemang to sate to rendang. He received many many duit raya packets and he is so happy receiving those colourful packets and not really knowing what’s inside it! Ah, how I hope this innocence would last forever!

He is also becoming more sociable now, playing with his uncles and aunties and neneks and atuks. He loves exploring the houses we visited and he behaved really well at every houses, alhamdulillah.

Dear my boy Zayd, I am happy that you get to experience Raya in its truly beautiful spirit. To celebrate our success of Ramadhan in a moderate way with families. Allah loves those who strengthen the family ties (silaturrahim) and what a wonderful way it is to spend the Hari Raya doing something that Allah loves.


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