2 year old’s emotion


I think the theme with Zayd these past few days is in managing his emotion.

Last weekend, at his ayahtok and mamatok’s house he was enjoying himself too much watching one Youtube videos after another. So I asked him to watch one more and we have to stop because it was Maghrib time.

He said yes, but when I wanted to switch off the tv he started screaming at me. And I mean really scream in anger.

Again, at that point, I just decided to just let him express his emotion while verbalising it to him.

“Zayd marah kat mummy ye”

“Ya!” *screaaaaaammmmm*

“Dah habis dah marah?”

“No!” *screaaaaammm*

“Dah habis marah mummy come hug mummy ok”

“No!” *screaaaammmmmm*

And after a while he gets tired and wander off to his ayahtok. So, I picked him up and we went into our room to prepare for Maghrib prayer. And I asked him again,

“Zayd marah mummy lagi tak?”

“Tak dah..” *smiles*

“Boleh hug mummy tak?”

“Boleh..” and he gave me the biggest hugs ever!

I learnt something important here – that I need to let him know that it is ok for him to express his emotions. That he is safe to feel whatever he is feeling with me. It’s my job to guide him in understanding his emotion, the correct way to express and manage it.

I am grateful for this opportunity to keep on learning and growing with him Alhamdulillah 🙂


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