Penchant for precision



                                              Big Z and Little Z

My boy now is 2 years and 5 months. Everyday, more and more, he is showing the characteristics of his father. He loves to eat fruits. Lots and lots of fruits. Between the 2 of them I think they must have consumed an orchard already!

He loves his cars. Which is of course one of his dad’s interest too. I used to ignore Big Z whenever he started talking about cars with me. I guess now both of them will be talking cars and ignoring me! 😑

But one characteristics that is really starting to emerge is that he has a penchant for precision. Which is something that used to (still!) annoyed me about Big Z.

For example, rather than calling his milk, ‘milk’. He called it ‘warm milk’. Ie. ‘Mummy I want my warm milk’.

Also, trucks are just not trucks. They are dump trucks, tow trucks, delivery trucks etc.

And mummy, digger is not the same as excavator. Which is also different from loader. Ie. ‘Mummy bukan digger la, loader’ 😂

And he doesn’t like it when his praying mat is creased. Any creases and wonkiness will warrant a response ranging from full-blown tantrum(on bad days) to some whininess (on good days)

All these of course poses quite a challenge to the sort-of hippy-dippy-artsy-fartsy-haphazardy mummy 😩


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