Bye 2015, Welcome 2016


Alhamdulillah for a wonderful 2015. Zayd’s 2nd year was full of blessings and learnings. He grew in leaps and bounds and is now a cheerful talkative 2 years old!

A of his memorable milestones in 2015:

1. Free-floating in swimming pool.
I realised that he is not afraid of water. Even the deep end of the swimming pool. In fact, he might enjoyed it a bit too much to mummy’s dismay. He would float and kick and flip while wearing his float. Mayybe it’s a good exposure for him to send him to swimming lessons in 2016.

2. Skillful driving on mini car.
He loves car, that is an understatement. But I also realised that he actually is quite a natural behind the wheel. I mean, the wheel of the mini car heh. His face would really light up and he possessed this same calmness and sureness that his father had when driving. His little hand would turn the steering steadily. Which is, of course, the complete opposite of my fumbling and panicky non-driving style :(.

3. Mr. Talkative
He is definitely a Talker. He’s really talkative and loves to string sentences and trying out new words he just learned. It’s quite interesting listening to the stories he comes up with! He is now not only talking to us, but also ordering and correcting us when we said/do something wrong! How wonderful! :S

4. Love animals and are not afraid of snakes!
This is one thing I realised about him too. He seems to not only love animals, but are not really scared of any of them, including snakes! The other day, when we went for a boat ride at Putrajaya, there’s this booth where you can take pictures with exotic birds and snakes and he was really keen to touch the snakes! I can tolerate the birds, even when the feisty parrots tried to poke our hands with it’s huge beak – but snakes arghhhh. Mummy gave up! But he is really insistent wanting to see snakes and touch it! Aiyo, where did he get this bravery from! Must be his dad *sigh.

5. Easy to adapt to new situation
When I had to be hospitalised for a few days, he had to stay with his uncles and aunties for the first time. And he did so well alhamdulillah. He showed minimal fuss with the adjustment and were able to adapt and adjust himself easily to the new situation. It made me realised that he indeed was much more tougher than I gave him credit for. Maybe it’s actually me who had it tougher to be separated from him! *cries a bucket

6. Higher auditory sensitivity
I realised that he had a higher sensitivity for auditory. He seems to dislike loud noises. He didn’t throw tantrum or anything but he will prefer to stay away and he will gave remarks like ‘bising sangaaatt’. But his higher sensitivity means he can follow tunes quite easily. Which something I could explore more in 2016 with him.

7. Sociable and sensitive to mummy.
He is also quite sociable. He loves to wave and chat with people. He loves being around his uncles and aunties. But he can be quite reserved when his cousins are being a bit noisy and rowdy. He is more comfortable with small group rather than large groups. Are you also an introvert my dear boy?
Another thing I noticed is that he is quite sensitive to mummy’s mood. When I cried or became upset, he’ll ask ‘are you ok?’ and tried to comfort me with ‘it’s ok mummy..’. And there’s this one time when I cried because of the side-effect of my drugs after the operation, he said ‘it’s ok mummy..nanti daddy balik..” trying to comfort me in the only way he knew how. Melted my heart into a big gooey puddle.

Zayd is going to be 3 this year. And I am planning to start introducing him to a bit of learning structure. Here’s to a grreeeeattt 2016! Ameen 🙂


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