Zayd’s little challenges


As I put him to his afternoon nap today, I thought about all the little challenges he has to go through in his young almost-3-years life.

One is his weaning. Man that was tough. But we did it in less than a month.

Another is his potty-training. This was even harder (for mummy) because of all the extra laundry and picking up poop pieces and wiping up the accidents. And then I became really frustrated and hard on him. And I stopped because I felt too sorry for him. And we picked up where we left off again. I think the process took almost 2 months maybe (with all the stopping and starting again).

But this brave little boy soldier on. He took it all in his stride. When mummy became ‘mummy monster’ he cried a little and then when nap time came it’s all cuddles and lovey-dovey as if nothing happened. His ability to love unconditionally astounds me. Also, his ability to pick up where he left off. He didn’t bawl and say I gaveee upp it’s too hard. He just tried again, and again, and again – and in the process he gets better everyday.

So one day, without even realising how – he came and say ‘nak shee-shee’ (code word for number 1). And I realised now he is able to control his bladder. And he was so proud of his new ability. And of course I am the proudest mummy ever!

After that, his potty training seems a breeze. Once he experienced the ‘liberation’ of being diaper-free he doesn’t want to go in his diaper anymore. We made him wear the diapers when we go out sometimes to avoid ‘accidents’. But he will still tell us that he wants to go and will just do his business in grown-up toilets! This really surprised me as I normally made him sit on his little potty. But it seems he is fine with big toilets too!

Now we are at the learning how-to dress self phase. I am facing resistance from him now. For some reason he doesn’t want to put on his own clothes, but he can took it off by himself! (you can never figure out toddlers can you?) So I am using all sorts of tricks and techniques. Some works, others just blows. But I will persevere. Because of course he has to learn how to dress himself! And because I knew we faced some difficult challenges before but we made it through together.

I hope he will somehow manage to remember this. Maybe subconsciously if not consciously. That he is so capable of doing difficult stuff. Things that may seem difficult at first. These things will just get easier and easier as we do it more and more. Because Allah created us as the best of his creation. We are capable of learning and changing and adapting. As long as we keep on trying and not giving up.

So on to learning how to put pants on our own!! 😀


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