You are the proof



20150924_114116“You are the proof that our dua is always answered”

It was normal ordinary stay-at-home-mum morning. I was washing the dishes in the sink when my boy came and hug my legs from behind. “Mummmmmyyy” he purred as always before going back to whatever he was doing in the living room.

And at that moment, a realisation hit me. I have visualised this scene years ago. I have prayed and prayed and prayed for the exact moment years before Zayd came into my life.

My first pregnancy was in 2010. It ended in a miscarriage at the 8th week gestation. It was a really anticipated pregnancy and the lost was devastating to say the least. I spent the whole 2011 either crying or praying or both.

But one memory became clear to me on the morning when I did my dishes. Sometime in 2011, I visualised that I had a child, a boy in fact, and he came running to me while I was in the kitchen. And alhamdulillah, only by the Will of Allah – in 2016, the vision that I saw 5 years ago came to reality.

Zayd, my darling – you are the proof that dua is always answered. Sooner or later, in forms that we understand or we didn’t understand – our dua is always answered because that is the promise of Allah. (2:186).

Alhamdulillah, every time I look at you and I kiss your cheek, I am reminded that our dua is always answered. 🙂


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