Cats and mummy-meltdown.



So last month, we adopted 3 cats into our family. Mummy cat, Scooby (original name) and her 2 kittens, (Pinki and Blacki, named by Zayd). I have been thinking about getting a cat for Zayd for quite some time because he really loves cats. Ever since he can walk, he’s been chasing cats everywhere! And he loved playing with Angela, a kitten Pak Long rescued at his atuk’s and nenek’s place. So I have been looking everywhere for cats for adoption. And I found a perfect one!

Not one but 3 white cats! A mummy cat and 2 cute little kittens who are still breastfeeding. What a perfect addition to our family! *this is mummy in her over-confident eager-beaver mode. If I can go back in time I will definitely like kick her in the butt :P*

Zul has tried to warn me about getting a cat with 2 kittens! He mentioned that it would be an added work on top of Zayd and housework and oh yes, starting a PhD! But do I listen? Noooo..

So well, I was really excited at first. Seeing Zayd’s face light up when he first saw the cats in the morning. Watching him play with the cats with such joy. We made hand-made toys for the cats. Laughed at their antics. A few days all was great..and then it hits!

I hate cleaning after the cats! Ok, more about crazy-mummy-Z, I can be quite obsessive about cleaning. This is not a very good trait, I admit – and the one that I am trying to keep within control. But maaaann, having all these extra hair, extra poop, extra everything to clean took a lot out of me. So naturally, I had another one of my infamous ‘mummy-meltdown’ T.T

And my darling husband, father of my child, the angel Allah sent from above to take care of my flaky, flaky self had to take it all. Sorry hubby! ehehe. After a while, thing calmed down. And I think I can do this having a cat again. But there are days I am all, err are we sure about this again?

This whole episode with the cat made me realised that this is one of the aspect of parenting. As your child grow up, and their needs and wants increase outside the realm of mummy and daddy – we as parents need to make adjustments. We might not be able to keep things as we like them to be. We might need to let go of certain things to make space for our child. We need to constantly change. Constantly adapt. Constantly grow with our child.

So, as for now, I am still on-the-fence with the whole cat thing. But I decided to take it one day at a time. Just in case we will let go of the cat, I told Zayd that sometimes the cats might need to go to other house to visit their other families and other pets will come to visit our family just so he won’t be too attached to the cats.

Oh well, the things parents told their child..*sigh


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