My Small Boy


#throwback because I havent’t uploded his latest pics!

After I started my PhD, It’s getting more challenging to update this blog. But now that I remembered a good story, blog about it I must!

Last weekend we were driving around and he insisted to sit on my lap (which sometimes I succumbed to I admit, but I strapped both of us yeah!). Anyway, this is our conversation:

Mummy: Zayd why do you like to sit on mummy’s lap?
Zayd: Because I am a baby!
Mummy: But Zayd, you are not a baby, you are a big boy already!
Zayd: *fiddles with my baju, sniff my ketiak* (why do children like to do that? O.O)
Mummy: Zayd, are you a big boy or a baby?
Zayd: …I am a small boy.

What? He came up with his own answer? Tiada dalam pilihan jawapan ok! I am so surprised that I immediately turn and look at my husband and asked him – did you teach him that? Which he said, he didn’t! (typical of wife to always look at husband first eheh)

But look at the ability of a 2 year old. To be able to comprehend a question, and to come up with an answer that is not in the choice, and yet still making perfect sense. In fact, much more sense because he is indeed in the in between stage.

I am so proud of my clever clever boy! May Allah protects you and guides you and bless you with all beneficial knowledge now and forever ameen! Mummy loves you muah muah muahhhh!


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