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Happy 3rd Birthday Zayd Hamzah!


Happy 3rd Birthday my darling boy! I can’t believe you are already 3. We spent the day of your birthday at Kidzania. It was your dad’s idea. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I thought maybe Kidzania is a bit too advanced for you. But I was wrong! You had so much fun and you were so brave joining all the big kids on their activities.

I guess you really truly are no longer my baby. Please enjoy the pictures while I cry in the corner *sobsobsob


So happy you managed to ride on a fire engine.


Sitting in a fire engine with the other big kids. Looking so cute in your fire firefighter gear!


Putting out fire!


Repairing a car


Playing shopping with your own small trolley. I was really impressed that you are able to participate in this game. You have to find things on a list around the mart and then pay for it. But with the help with the wonderful assistant you managed to do it!


Recycling here. Learning how to separate plastic, tins and paper.


Queuing with the other kids before going into painting class.


Enjoying your ice cream cone.


Painting class. It was really funny here because you don’t want to listen to the briefing before and want to immediately paint. The assistant was very good in accommodating toddlers behaviour and let you paint straight away đŸ˜€


Family selfie. đŸ™‚

All in all, it was a really fun day at Kidzania. We do not expect much going there because of your age. Our initial plan was to go there maybe 1 hour, let you ride the fire engine and went to Ikano after. 1 hour turned into 1 day when you seems to really enjoy yourself trying and participating in all the activities.

Watching you that day, doing all the activities with so much enthusiasm, I realised that you have become a very confident and self-assured 3 year old. You are not rattled by new experiences and new situations. You are quick to adapt to things. YOu made me very very proud.

May Allah protect you, guide you, and bless you always. May Allah open the path in your life to do the things that you like, the things that you are good at, and the things that is beneficial for the Ummah.

May Allah guides me in nurturing you to be the best that you can be – all for Allah’s sake. Ameen.

Uhibbukafillah my dear boy!


Be patient, mummy


Another  memorable conversation I had with Zayd that I just had to blog about!

I was having an ‘episode’ in the car, blabbing to Big Z about a few things that bothered me. Zayd was again with me. Somehow he sensed that I was agitated and turned around. So this is how our conversation went:

Mummy: It’s not you darling. I am just upset about something and sometimes when I am upset I must talk about it with your daddy.

Zayd: But it’s not nice mummy..(maybe referring to my tone of voice?)

Mummy: So what must I do?

Zayd: (touch my chin) patient Mummy..

Aaaa..major mood turnaround after that! Tears swelled up in my eyes when I realised I was just being advised by my almost-3 years old!

Who is this boy? Sometimes I swear it is as if he is far wiser beyond his years. Maybe he inherited something from his dad, but he has this ability to calm me down Masha Allah!

May Allah always guides him and protects him always. May Allah bestow upon him His light and wisdom. May Allah made my boy among the righteous ameen.