Be patient, mummy


Another  memorable conversation I had with Zayd that I just had to blog about!

I was having an ‘episode’ in the car, blabbing to Big Z about a few things that bothered me. Zayd was again with me. Somehow he sensed that I was agitated and turned around. So this is how our conversation went:

Mummy: It’s not you darling. I am just upset about something and sometimes when I am upset I must talk about it with your daddy.

Zayd: But it’s not nice mummy..(maybe referring to my tone of voice?)

Mummy: So what must I do?

Zayd: (touch my chin) patient Mummy..

Aaaa..major mood turnaround after that! Tears swelled up in my eyes when I realised I was just being advised by my almost-3 years old!

Who is this boy? Sometimes I swear it is as if he is far wiser beyond his years. Maybe he inherited something from his dad, but he has this ability to calm me down Masha Allah!

May Allah always guides him and protects him always. May Allah bestow upon him His light and wisdom. May Allah made my boy among the righteous ameen.



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