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“Allah gives me superpower!”


Zayd is in this phase of wanting to be superheroes and having superpowers. He was not really exposed to the Superman/Batman/Spiderman yet because hmm..well, his mummy is not really into Superheroes? ehehe So he picked this up from random Youtube videos, and cartoons that he watched with his cousins.

After shower one day (we normally have this mother-son conversation after shower because this is when he is not yet super-active running around here and there and a bit more focused and attentive to what I had to say), he was telling me about his superpower.

Zayd: Mummy, I have superpower! I am super strong! I am super man!

Mummy: Who give you superpower?

Zayd: I don’t know..

Mummy: Allah gives you superpower! (and suddenly I was inspired by an idea to make this “Allah gives me superpower” a thing ehehe)

Zayd, do you know when you are fighting bad guy and you need superpower, all you need to do is raise your hand like this, like you are making dua and say  -“Allah gives me superpowerrrr!” (in a really exaggerated comic voice and gestures) And Allah will give you all the super power you want!

Zayd: Really? “Allah give me super powerrr!” “Allah gives me super powerrr!” (in cute exaggerated comic gesture, repeat 100 times ehehe)

After that conversation, sometimes when he was in his imaginary fighting bad-guy mode he will go “Allah gives me superpowerrrr”. And I will always smile.

My dear boy, may you grow up knowing that all the super power you need in life comes only from Allah. And all you ever need to do is call out to Him in your dua and Allah will always always listen and gives you super power 🙂



Storytelling 3 year old


2016-05-22 13.33.07.jpg

Zayd loves telling stories now!

Whenever I put him to sleep, he normally loves to hear me tell stories. What he will do is he will pick a character – that usually involves some sort of a vehicle and an animal.

Like this:

lorry, car, elephant, and cat

frog, towtruck, and monster truck

and sometimes

lorry, car, fire engine, helicopter, truck

and sometimes the character gets so long and complicated that it was impossible to fit them all in one story, so I leave them out. The funny thing is he always remember and will ask – ‘mana lorry?’, ”mana truck?’ahaha.

Anyway, I guess he picked up my style of story telling and the other day he asked me ‘Mummy do you want to  hear my story?’

So I said ok..this was new..

Then he started telling me stories about how he went to ‘work’ (something he picks up from his father) and heard a sound (insert monkey sound). What is it mummy? it..a monkey? (mummy replied)

YES, a monkey. So Zayd bring the monkey home..the monkey Zayd cooked for the monkey and give him food. nyum nyum nyum.

Suddenly.. (he even used ‘suddenly’ a word that I admit overly-used in my storied to him ehehe)

And he kept telling the story for a good few minutes by adding this and that into the storyline. And I was really amazed!

Somehow just by listening to my stories night after night he learnt how to tell stories by himself. He picked up the style, the storyline, the words I used..Masha Allah. How amazing is the ability that Allah give to us.

Zayd’s dad also loves to tell him stories. And we took turns to tell him stories and read aloud to him since he was a baby. Alhamdulillah for the ability to see him grow from being the one we tell the story to to the one who’s telling the stories now! 🙂