Langkawi trip


Our 2016 Langkawi Trip was the first Langkawi trip for both mummy and Zayd (yes, can you believe it – a 35 year-old Malaysian who has never been to Langkawi?). And his first time on an airplane!

He is already in this stage where he can anticipate the future – so he has been really excited about this trip for weeks!


Mesmerised by the view!


Look at that excited face! I am glad we waited until he’s 3 for this trip because he is now able to understand and appreciate what’s going on. He behaved really well all throughout the flight. Being really curious and excited, asking lots of questions.


Clinging to mummy when his ears felt a bit funny due to the cabin pressure.


One with daddy! (who’s better equipped to answer questions about planes and plane engines)


Zayd really enjoyed 3D Museums at Oriental Village, much to my surprise. He really hated taking pictures but somehow he was really excited and cooperative here. Maybe something about the huge drawing and space inspires his imagination!


Look at that cheeky face! He’s having a really good time just playing around the painting and acting out different scenarios.


A boy lost in space?


At the highest peak of Machinchang mountain. The sky cab trip was really fun (for him) a bit scary (for mummy). He was not scared of height at all! And being really excited when the cable car shook and swayed from left to right while mummy felt like my heart would jump out!


Enjoying beach at Pantai Cenang (and back to his I-don’t-want-to-look-at-camera face).


Enjoying his breakfast like a king!

This trip is a much needed one for our family. We had quite an exhausting few months with moving out and moving in, and mummy’s PhD student routine, and the raya season!. It was good to just be able to get away and have a good relaxing time with family.

Langkawi is so beautiful (duhh right). I really love the mountains, the greenery and of course the sea. We didn’t manage to do any nature activity this time around. More of the touristy stuff and fun stuff for Zayd. We also didn’t get to do some of the things we wanted to do because of the weather. But it’s ok. For we are going back for sure! 😀



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