The Allah Conversation: The first time Zayd asked about Allah.


The first time Zayd asked about Allah is on the 14/10/2016.

It has always been my intention with Zayd to let him grow up in a God-conscious lifestyle. So from early on, I have never shy away from the ‘God’ conversation. I always find an opportunity to talk about Allah with him.

He knew the concept of Allah, the God. A being that is powerful, and the biggest, and the strongest (somehow these are concepts that really resonated with him..maybe because of the boy factor). He knew that if he needed help he can ask Allah for ‘superpower’ (again the boy thing). But these are all the information that I gave to him.

So when for the first time, he asked me about Allah, I just have to quickly jot it down (the dates here) and find time to blog about it later.

It was such a beautiful conversation alhamdulillah.

We were having our normal after-shower-while-getting-dressed conversation. This normally revolves around him telling me stories, or me reminding him of certain things from his baby days when suddenly he told me about one of his ‘scary’ episodes. (I will blog about this later) – when he suddenly asks me ‘But where is Allah?’

Wow. The QUESTION. My heart stopped for a bit while I regain my mummy composure.

Mummy: ‘We can’t see Allah now, but we can see Him when we go to Jannah’

Zayd: But why can’t I see Allah now?

(3 years old and their super curiosity)

Mummy: Because Allah is not like us human. He is different.

Zayd: (keeps quiet)

Mummy: But you know what, even when we can’t see Allah, we can always feel Allah in our heart. Whenever we make dua, Allah will always be close to us in our heart. (tapping my heart and his heart)

He seems to be quite satisfied with this answer because he can locate it to his heart.

I am truly grateful that Allah has inspired me with this answer. I don’t think I can even prepare a good answer beforehand that will satisfy a 3 years old. So I am really blessed and thankful to Allah for the guidance.

I will blog later about the continuation of this conversation.


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